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One of the CEO-UAB's main activities is the promotion of research into sport and Olympic studies. The research projects undertaken cover a number of different areas, particularly from a social sciences perspective.

The relationship between the media and sport in Olympic Ceremonies, mediatic mega events, the impact of the Internet on the Olympic Movement, Olympic education, sports marketing, volunteering and the Olympic legacy in the global context are some examples of the themes studied.

Since 1995, the IOC has commissioned the CEO-UAB to conduct a wide range of studies: studies on Sport for All (1998-99), the evaluation the World Sport for All Congress - Barcelona 1998 and Quebec 2000, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games (2000-01), global sports participation (2002), networking in Olympic studies (2004-05), university scholars (2005-06), Olympic values education programmes (2006-08).

In addition, the CEO-UAB has taken part in two Leonardo da Vinci programme European projects: Quality 2004: Total Quality Services for the Olympic Games (1999-2001) and Olympia: eLearning for Sports Training (2002-2004).