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Since its creation, one of the main objectives of the CEO-UAB has been to disseminate knowledge on the Barcelona'92 Olympic Games and what they represented. To achieve this objective, the CEO-UAB offers a number of different services to the international university community and stakeholders involved in the organisation of sporting events who want to know more about specific aspects of the organisation of the Barcelona'92 Olympic Games.

Documentation Enquiries
One of the main components of the legacy of the Olympic Games for the host community is the documentary legacy. The CEO-UAB manages a significant collection of documentary materials resulting from the staging of the Barcelona'92 Olympic Games and studies that academic researchers have done on them. It also manages documentation on other editions of the Olympic Games.

The CEO-UAB offers a reference service aimed at the international community that facilitates access to holdings on the Olympic Games, including an official archive and impact and analysis studies, and contacts with staff of the organising committees and experts.

Organisation of Knowledge Transfer Activities
The CEO-UAB collaborates with institutions connected with the legacy of the Barcelona'92 Olympic Games on the organisation of talks and visits for delegates from Olympic Games candidate cities and host cities. Adapted to the needs of each group, these activities are organised on request in collaboration with other organisations and experts in various fields.

If your organisation is interested in an activity of this type, please contact our team.