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Educar en valors. Manual per una educació olímpica

The Catalan edition of the International Olympic Committee's Teaching Values: an olympic education kit is available for the entire educational community in Catalonia, thanks to the support of the Secretariat General of Sports of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The manual is aimed at school teachers in Catalonia to be used as reference material to promote Olympic values and sport among students aged 8 to 18 years.

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Or if you prefer, download the manual by chapters o sections:

0. Taula de continguts i pròlegs
Secció 1. Introducció a l’educació dels valors olímpics
Secció 2. Exaltació dels valors a través dels símbols i les cerimònies
Secció 3. Compartir valors a través de l’esport i els Jocs
Secció 4. Els cinc valors educatius de l’Olimpisme
Secció 5. Manual per a la implementació

About the project

In 2006, CEO-UAB started an activity line with Educational and Cultural Services at the Olympic Museum of International Olympic Committee (IOC) as part of the strategy Olympic Values Educational Programme (OVEP) launched by the IOC the same year and aimed to encourage young people's interest in sport, enhance their practice and promote the Olympic values. Through this project CEO-UAB supported the IOC in the design and development of contents for an online platform on Olympic activities and educational resources, as well as the design of the platform structure.

Taking into account the identified needs for educational resources on the Olympic values, and the possible ways of introducing Olympic values approach in schools in Catalonia, CEO-UAB has promoted the translation and edition into Catalan of the Teaching Values: an olympic education kit, an olympic education kit prepared by the IOC to facilitate the introduction of Olympic values in schools.