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“This agreement with the UAB allows us to share our knowledge and experience in the field of communication and brand management with future professionals of sports organizations."

Josep Maria Bartomeu
FC Barcelona President

Open enrolment for the first edition (October 2018)

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We train professionals who act strategically in communication

Experts with communication and social leadership tools in global sport

Directors of communication that adapt to change and respond to crisis communication in an agile and efficient way

Active learning and exchange environment on communication and sponsorship strategies and actions

Professional Master, promoted by the UAB Olympic and Sports Studies Centre and the Barça Innovation Hub.

The professional sport sector is developing at a rapid pace in Europe and demands qualified professionals. Sport communication has distinctive features regarding other economic sectors, as it has become one of the main motors for television audience and revenue. Its over-exposure leads to the need for specific communication strategies and, at the same time, provides clubs and organizations with opportunities for new revenues through sports sponsorship. Elite sport enables profitable alliances with the world of communication, which offers opportunities for qualified professionals in the management of sport communication and sponsorship.

The comprehensive communication strategy of a sports organization is intimately linked to obtaining and maintaining sponsors. The management of communication in sport is conceived as an integral process that involves, not only the relations with media, but the construction of the sports brand, the proactive management of social networks or the relationships with sponsors and partners.

The program, supported by Barça professionals, creates an environment to conducive learning and active exchange of the latest strategies and actions of organizational communication and sponsorship, together with the current protagonists of the change in communication.

  • Train communication managers in sports organizations with a totalizing and complex vision of communication relationships in global sports.
  • Train managers capable of creating, maintaining and evaluating sports sponsorship programs for sports entities or sporting events.
  • Prepare professionals who master the specific ways of communicating on social networks and can analyze the success of their initiatives and promote new strategies in the sports field.
  • Train experts on social and communicative leadership tools in global sport.
  • Qualify communication managers capable of adapting to constant change and responding to crisis communication in an agile and efficient way in the sports field.
  • Train professionals who understand communication in the company as an integral process that will add brand value and be able to attract potential sponsors in global sports.