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CEO-UAB has held the first research seminar on Olympism and sport, the event took place on Friday 12 December 2014. The purpose of the seminar is to promote the exchange of knowledge about methodologies, resources, approaches, etc. of the various investigations that are being carried out by the junior researchers who are associated with the Centre. The seminar, moderated by Dr. Emilio Fernandez Pena, had the participation of 9 researchers, as detailed in the program.

Each researcher made a brief presentation about the state of the research they are developing, which was followed by a discussion and questions from the other participants. The participants who could not travel to Barcelona to participate in the seminar, they did so via videoconference.

Event program

09:40 Welcome speech. Emilio Fernández Peña
09:50 Ongoing projects in the CEO-UAB. Berta Cerezuela
10:20 Ethics, journalism and Olympic Games. Xavier Ramón
10:50 Environment and Olympic Games. Alberto Aragón
11:20 Brazilian culture, international exhibitions and Olympic Games. Daniel Malanski

Coffee break
12:10 Olympic education and legacy. Geoff Kohe
12:40 Olympic history. Juan Antonio Simón
13:15 Social media and global sport. José Gila
13:45 Sports journalism. Lizandro Angulo
14:00 Spokesperson of ESADE Sport Business Club