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Barcelona Sport Events: information knowledge management is an ongoing research collaboration undertaken by CEO-UAB by request of the Institute Barcelona Sport since  2012.

The aim of the project is to offer a diagnosis of the current application of information and knowledge management in the organisation of the sporting events held in the city of Barcelona, and to offer the City Council with a proposal of procedure to apply in order to guarantee the capture, management, dissemination and exploitation of the knowledge generated regarding these events.

Relevance of the project
Barcelona is a sporting city that currently is hosting more than 160 sporting events per year. The findings of this research will contribute to increase efficiency in the city event strategy and the event management phases as well as to ensure an event knowledge legacy.

Achieved results

  1. methodology for collecting and analysing information on sporting events held in the city of Barcelona with a focus on sustainable development. It would allow the generation of real knowledge on management models and the impact of sporting events, and the identification of best practices to improve efficiency in the management of public resources.
  2. Tools to support event organizers during the evaluation phase of the event, providing them with a methodology and a tool to identify best practices and improvements, and measure the achievement of objectives.
  3. tool to facilitate the management of the city sport events agenda.


Meet the project team

Berta Cerezuela

Head of Projects and the Documentation Service