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Through this project, Barcelona aims to be a pioneer and world leader city in the management and exploitation of the intangible legacies of the Olympics and sporting events.

Barcelona Olímpica is one of the assets of the Information & Knowledge legacy of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games. Barcelona Olímpica arises from the need to coordinate the various sources of documentary legacy of the Barcelona’92 Olympics to give them a documentary unity, to facilitate its international access, and as an added value, to potentiate the promotion and transfer of knowledge services for the know how resulting from the Barcelona model.

It embraces the collections and documentary services offered by the Olympic and Sport Studies Centre at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (CEO-UAB), the Barcelona Olympic Foundation (FBO) and the Municipal Archives of Barcelona (AMB) on the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games and on the Olympics and sports in the city.

Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games LogoThe collection includes the official archives of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, resulting from the activity of the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games, COOB’92, and other institutions involved in organizing the event, and bibliography generated through independent research on the Games. It consists of some 2,000 books, 13 journal titles, 6407 videos, 240,600 photos, press release of 45 ml, 6 ml of gray literature, 11,929 boxes of documents and administrative 30,103 maps and plans. It is located in the Archive Municipal Barcelona –administrative, maps and photographic collection–, the Barcelona Olympic Foundation –bibliography and audiovisual collection–, and the Centre for Olympic Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona –bibliographic and research collection.

Barcelona Olímpica also hosts the Samaranch Collection, part of the personal library from the IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch, which was donated to the Barcelona Olympic Foundation. This library is complemented by works on his life and person.

6 features

  1. Project designed and promoted through institutional collaboration
  2. Unity for the sources of Barcelona’92 Olympic Games
  3. Designed according to the needs of an international digital user
  4. Coordinated management of the collection and access services
  5. Services of knowledge transfer to other host cities and bids to sporting events
  6. Platform for promotion and dissemination activities on the Olympic Games and the values of sport


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