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The Sport Communication Lab, will manage the relationship between the UAB (through the Center d’Estudis Olímpics i de I’Esport-UAB) and the FCBarcelona (through the FCB Universitas, Sport Innovation Hub).

Sport Communication Lab

The main objectives of this initiative are:

  1. Promote and promote scientific research and innovation.
  2. Promote actions of training, scientific updating and specialization, in activities of training and updating of technicians and sports managers, as well as in university teaching in the field of sports and olympism.
  3. Promote the transfer of the connection of the University to FC Barcelona and share connections and experiences in aspects of scientific updating and specialization in the field of communication.
  4. To disseminate the research and the generative connection in the framework of the collaboration between FC Barcelona and the UAB.

Sport Communication Lab will undertake three main types of activities: research and innovation, training and dissemination and academic and institutional relations.

Research and Innovation Activities

The priority research topics are:

  • New communication challenges in clubs and international organizations
  • Sports Journalism
  • Future of audio-visual rights
  • Women empowerment, football and communication
  • Football, sponsorship and new sports economy
  • Social networks and new media
  • The stadium as a space for communication
  • Soft diplomacy in sport

Current initiatives in progress are:

Training Activities
  • Master in Communication Management and Sponsorship in Sports Organizations. The objective is to train experts in the communication management of large sports organizations. The faculty will be from the UAB, executives and managers of FC Barcelona, ​​sports organizations such as the IOC, FIFA and UEFA and other universities. Interns in the club and organizations of the global sport.
  • Industrial Doctorates in FC Barcelona. In collaboration with the UAB, FC Barcelona could hire researchers in one of the priority areas of this Chair to develop their doctoral thesis within the club.
Academic Council

The Sport Communication Lab is endowed with an Academic Council made up of professors from the UAB and chosen by the Chancellor from among prestigious academics and with a sentimental and loyal relationship with FC Barcelona for decades. Must advise and endorse the proposals that the UAB, propose new activities and serve as a link between the UAB, the club and society. It guarantees the link of the Sport Communication Lab to FC Barcelona, ​​its history and the territory. Two members appointed by FC Barcelona are part of this council.