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If you are interested in undertaking your academic research in the area of Olympic studies, CEO-UAB offers you the adequate resources and space to do so.

CEO-UAB holds a unique specialised collection on the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games, the Olympics (i.e the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games), and on the sporting phenomenon. Users can access more than 5,200 monographs and research documents, 89 journals, 725 videos, posters and images,

Available resources can be consulted in the UAB library catalogue. In addition, to maximise the access to the research undertaken by our experts, CEO-UAB joins the UAB open access policy and publishes its academic and scientific publications in the digital repositories DDD (Dipòsit Digital de Documents de la UAB) and Recercat.

CEO-UAB deals with enquiries from local and international users and offers a personalised service  for international and UAB external researchers who want to visit the CEO-UAB, either to access the library resources, for an in-depth research stage or for a study intern.

  • Consultation services. Collection is open to anyone interested from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 2 pm, but it requires prior appointment. If you are interested in visiting our Library, contact our documentation team to arrange an appointment.
  • Reference service. We accept requests from the world of academia. Send us your request by e-mail. If bibliographical work needs to be done or if something needs to be sent by post, the respective cost will be charged to the person or institution making the request.
  • Loan service.The weekend loan service is limited to UAB students and staff.
  • Photocopying. Users can access self-service photocopying facilities. Please remember that all copying is subject to relevant legislation and licensing

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Search the CEO-UAB collection of books, journals and audiovisual materials at the UAB library catalogue.


DDD is a tool to collect, manage, disseminate and preserve the scientific, teaching and institutional production at the UAB.

Barcelona Olímpica

Digital space devoted to preserving and disseminating the olympic and sporting memory of the city and foster research on.