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In 2008, the CEO-UAB relaunched its collection of working papers. Originally in paper form, these documents were a tool for disseminating research projects undertaken as part of the CEO-UAB’s research and training activities.

With the application of new technologies to university research dissemination and with the aim of contributing to the dissemination of academic work (academic journals and conference proceedings, for example) free of charge by alternative means, the collection of working papers has been scanned.

The collection, consisting of 87 preprints, conference papers, research reports, working papers, technical reports and other documents, can be searched at the digital repositories: DDD – the UAB institutional repository – and Recercat – digital repository which includes research literature from many other Catalan universities and research centres.

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DDD is a tool to collect, manage, disseminate and preserve the scientific, teaching and institutional production at the UAB.


Cooperative archive of digital document that includes the research literature of the universities and research institutions of Catalonia.