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CEO-UAB was the best olympic-related research centre for my research stage.
Simply: a boost in my professional development”

Juan Antonio Simón
CEO-UAB Post-doctoral researcher, 2012-13

CEO-UAB has a Visitor Programme which supports scholars and postgraduate students who wish to visit the centre for a limited period to study or undertake research on themes that lie within the target areas of the Centre.

CEO-UAB welcomes applications from academics to this programme to stay in the Centre to pursue their own research.

Visitors will have a “sponsor” within the Centre, i.e. a person who is interested in their project and who will be their main point of contact. Researchers will have full access to scholarly resources, computing facilities and office space if needed. It is expected that applicants will provide their own direct financial support (salary, travelling).

During their stay, it is understood that there might be short absences for conferences and other commitments, but their research programme must be their primary focus during the visit.

  • Academic Visitors. Academics from other universities visiting for a period between one week and fourteen weeks will be awarded an Academic Visitor status. Academics can hold a grand or fund their stay by their own means.
  • Student Visitors. Students from outside the UAB working on a PhD or Master thesis who wish to spend some time at CEO-UAB will be awarded with a status as Student Visitor for a period between one week and fourteen weeks. Students can hold a grand or fund their stay by their own means.
  • Visiting Fellows. Visiting Fellowships holding a grand will be awarded to academics to undertake research at CEO-UAB for a period over 14 weeks.

The application for the CEO-UAB Visitors Programme should consist of the following:

  • A completed visitors application form.
  • An academic CV.
  • A draft research proposal.
  • A supporting reference from the applicant’s supervisor.
  • Proof of funding approval from external organisations.

Applications will be evaluated by a Visitors Programme Commission. Applicants would be notified of the result briefly after all required documentation has been submitted.

If needed, applicants may request an acceptance letter from the CEO-UAB to apply to funding schemes. This acceptance, prior to funding approval, doesn’t not involve an obligation to the Centre to accept the applicant if funding is not granted.

For specific enquiries, please contact us.