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The Legacy of the Olympic Games 1984-2000: International Symposium Lausanne, 14th, 15th and 16th November 2002

Miquel de Moragas; Christopher Kennett; Nuria Puig (eds.)


The book contains edited proceedings of the 5th Symposium of the International Chair in Olympism (IOC-UAB), held in November 2002 at the Olympic Museum Lausanne. Over 150 experts involved in Olympic Games research and organisation attended the symposium, including members of the IOC, representatives of Olympic Games Organising Committees (including Athens, Turin and Beijing) and universities leading the way in Olympic studies.

The book is divided into eight chapters reflecting the multi-dimensional nature of the tangible and intangible legacies of the Olympic Games, both locally and globally:

  • Understanding Olympic Legacy and its Historical Development
  • Urban and Environmental Legacy of the Olympic Games
  • The Sporting Legacy of the Olympic Games
  • Olympic Economic and Tourism Legacies
  • Political Legacies of the Olympic Games
  • Cultural, Social and Communication Legacies
  • Olympic Education and Documentation Legacies
  • Organising and Planning the Future Olympic Legacies