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Andrew Billings

International Chair in Olympism. Invited professor 2010

Professor Andrew Billings is Doctor in Communication and Culture by the University of Indiana, and professor at the Department of Communication Studies at Clemson University, United States. Andrew Billings is one of the main international experts in gender, ethnicity and nationality in televised sport.

Among other publications we can highlight the books Communicating about sports media(2009: Aresta), Views from the fairway: Media explorations of identity in golf (2009), Olympic media: Inside the biggest show on television (2008 : Routledge), and the journal articles Billings, A. C., & Angelini, J. R. (2007). “Packaging the games for viewer consumption: Gender, ethnicity, and nationality in NBC’s coverage of the 2004 Summer Olympics”. Communication Quarterly, 55, 95-111, Billings, A. C., Angelini, J. R., & Eastman, S. T. (2005). “Diverging discourses: Gender differences in televised golf announcing”. Mass Communication and Society, 8, 155-171.

The 2010 programme of activities for the International Chair in Olympism during the professor stage at the UAB from 25 to 29 october 2010, included: the conference Through the Minds of Billions: Identity Construction in the Ultimate Megasporting Event; the seminar Producing an Accurate Jigsaw Puzzle: Analyzing the U.S. Olympic Storytelling Enterprise; the opening videoconference of the I International Conference on Communication and Sport, held at the Porto University (Portugal); and the release of his book La Comunicación en el Deporte (UOC-Aresta, 2010).

Dr. Andrew Billings was appointed as the 16th visiting professor of the International Chair in Olympism in 2010, which was devoted to the media image of women in olympics and sport in general.