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Ferran Brunet

Senior lecturer of European Economy at the Department of Applied Economics, UAB

Doctorate in Economics and Business Administration (1985). He has been a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies at the UAB since 1977. His main research interests are European economic integration, Barcelona’s economic development, including urban and occupational development and the economic impact of the Olympic Games, particularly the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games. Among other works, he is the author of the book Economy of the Olympic Games Barcelona’92 (IOC, 1994) and of the chapters “The Economic Impacts of the Olympic Games” in The Centennial President (IOC, 1997) and “The Economic Impact of the Barcelona Olympic Games, 1986-2004”, published originally in Catalan in Barcelona: l’herència dels Jocs (1992-2002) (Planeta, 2003).

Main publications

Brunet, Ferran (1993). Economy of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Lausanne: International Olympic Committee. ISBN: 92-9105-002-4.

Brunet, Ferran (1995): An economic analysis of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games: resources, financing and impact. Barcelona: Centre d’Estudis Olímpics UAB.

Brunet, Ferran; Zuo Xinwen (2008): The economy of the Beijing Olympic Games: an analysis of first impacts and prospects. Barcelona: Centre d’Estudis Olímpics UAB.

Brunet, Ferran (2011): “Analysis of the Economic Impact of the Olympic Games” in Emilio Fernández Peña [et al.]: An Olympic Mosaic: Multidisciplinary Research and Dissemination of Olympic Studies. CEO-UAB: 20 Years. Barcelona : Centre d’Estudis Olímpics, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Ajuntament de Barcelona, pp. 211-231. (also in Spanish and Catalan)

Brunet, Ferran (2009): “The economy of the Barcelona Olympic Games,” in Gavin Poynter & Iain Macrury (eds.): Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London. Hants: Ashgate, pp. 97-119. [Chapter]