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Norbert Müller

International Chair in Olympism. Invited professor 2012

Dr. Norbert Müller is Emeritus Professor in Sport Sciences at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), founder of the group of research in olympic studies in the same university and Senior Professor at the University of Kaiserslaute. He is also President of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee and member of the IOC Commission of Culture and Education. His work on Coubertin goes back to the 70s, when he wrote his dissertation on this subject. Since then, he has edited several editions of the works of the French pedagogue in different languages.

Norbert Müller was appointed as invited professor of the International Chair in Olympism (IOC-UAB) for 2012, devoted to the figure of the founder of the modern Olympic Movement, the pedagogue Pierre de Coubertin, coinciding with the 150 anniversary of his birth. During his stay at the UAB, Prof. Müller gave the conference: Pierre de Coubertin’s Olympism and lauched the Spanish version of the book Pierre de Coubertin 1863-1937: Olimpismo: selección de textos (2011).