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Juegos Olímpicos, televisión y redes sociales

Emilio Fernández Peña


Television has turned the Olympic Games into the biggest sports show in the world and is its main source of income. This book reveals the keys to the production and television performance of the Olympic Games, its programming models in the different television channels of the world, and explains how games have traditionally been a showcase for the introduction of new technologies. It also details the communication strategies in the social networks of the Olympic family and proposes a communication model adapted to the differential nature of the social networks of the Internet. This work delves into the essence of the Olympic brand, the keys to its successful sponsorship system and the television rights to games, a pioneering financing system and imitated by other organizations. The Olympic Games are a microcosm of the macrocosm of current societies, so many of the strategies and issues addressed here are applicable to other fields of contemporary societies.