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CEO-UAB collaborates with the working group Barcelona al Món, created at the Municipal Sports Council of Barcelona in 2016 with the aim of reflecting on the role of sport as a driver for the international projection of the city of Barcelona.

The collaboration started with the participation as expert of its director, Emilio Fernández Peña, joined by its general coordinator, iquel Gómez Benosa, in 2017. As part of the process, the experts participated in the four working sessions held on April 26, May 18, June 20 and July 6, 2017. In addition, in 2017, CEO-UAB was commissioned to support the working group by drawing up the initial diagnosis and the synthesis of the results of the group’s reflection throughout the entire process, shaped as a strategic proposal. This work, undertaken by CEO-UAB project manager, Berta Cerezuela, was carried out from January to July 2017.

Project outcomes

Diagnosis of Barcelona city sport model: improving international projection.

Work document that identifies potential assets for the international projection of the city of Barcelona through sport. The document provides a new insight into potential assets for international projection through sport that should allow dimensioning and analysing the strategic value of sport to strengthen the international capital of Barcelona.Barcelona assets for international projection through sport

These assets are grouped into four areas – sports practice, industry, knowledge and governance – plus a fifth transversal asset, branding. The result reflects the polyhedral vision of the sports sector that characterizes the city with assets that can provide long term value to the city in terms of innovation, job opportunities, creativity and decision taking influence, among others.

Proposal and benchmarking pilot.

Included a selection of 10 cities to be analysed and the indicators to collect. A pilot report on 4 cities (Copenhagen, Glasgow, Berlin, Amsterdam-Rotterdam) was also produced.

Storytelling of the reflection process on the role of sport in the international projection of the city.

The document includes the synthesis of the results of the reflection of the working group throughout the entire process and its articulation into a strategic proposal. The proposal, which aims to consolidate Barcelona as an international capital of sport through a new model, is structured in four strategic areas and a series of management tools to facilitate its implementation.

  • Barcelona. Anual calendar of sport events
  • Barcelona. Centre for talent, sport excellence and healthy tourism
  • Barcelona. Sport industry and knowledge referent
  • Barcelona. Node in the international sport ecosystem

In addition, the diagnosis was presented at the annual assembly of the Barcelona Sport program that took place on November 9 at the Real Club de Polo in Barcelona.

Team members

Berta Cerezuela

Head of Projects and the Documentation Service


Miquel Gómez Benosa

CEO-UAB General Coordinator