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During the period 2006-2013, CEO-UAB collaborated with the International Olympic Committee – through the Educational Services of the Lausanne Olympic Museum – in the Olympic Values Educational Programme (OVEP) strategy. This program was aimed at promoting the interest of young people in sport, promoting their practice and promoting Olympic values ​​through education, and was framed in the IOC Youth Strategy.

The collaboration was structured in three phases:

  • First phase (2006-2007). The work focused on the collection of data on educational initiatives aimed at young people, aged 8 to 18, promoted by institutions related to the Olympic Movement (National Olympic Committees and Organizing Committees of the Olympic Games).
  • Second phase (2007-2008). Data collection and analysis of initiatives, including Olympic museums, TOP Olympic sponsors and IOC recognized organizations in the fields of education, the dissemination of the Olympic ideal and fair play.
  • Third phase (2012-2013). The work consisted of indexing all available information about Olympic education activities; the development of the initial contents to be potentially included in the digital platform; and offer advice on the strategy and tools to update content and on the development of the platform.
Obtained results
  • Definition of the profile and classification of Olympic values educational initiatives.
  • Database of 336 sport educational initiatives aimed at children and young people aged 8 to 18.
  • Preparation of the initial content on initiatives for the educational platform, including profiles, complementary content (images and documents).
  • Proposal of new contents and advice in the platform strategy and development tools. To do so, a focus group in educational technology; a benchmark of educational websites and interviews with Olympic education directors were undertaken.

Through this project, CEO-UAB supported the IOC in the design and development of contents for an online platform on Olympic educational activities and resources, and in the design of the platform that will be integrated to The platform will be aimed at those interested in implementing an Olympic educational activity, particularly school teachers from around the world. It will provide educational resources and information on educational initiatives aimed at primary and secondary school students and promoted within the Olympic Movement.

Project leader

Berta Cerezuela

Head of Projects and the Documentation Service