UAB hosted an exchange session between the Sports Research Institute (IRE-UAB) and the Mareo LAB Education & Research Lab. The session took place on Thursday, January 24 2019 and more than 20 UAB researchers working on sport participated.

During the session, the research staff member of the recently created UAB Sports Research Institute presented to Mareo LAB’s CEO, Mr. Robles, their main lines and research projects, showing the UAB capital in sport research and transfer.

Group photo – IRE-UAB researchers attending the session

The session was held in the framework of the signing of a collaboration agreement of the UAB with the Mareo LAB Education & Research Lab, a center of knowledge and innovation in sport promoted by the EF Mareo Sporting Foundation of Gijón, which among other activities promotes applied research projects in the fields of high performance and psychology, methodology, sports medicine, economics, branding and communication and other areas of science and humanities. The agreement will make it possible to establish concrete collaborations in training and research between the two institutions, which share an integral vision of sport that affects the transmission of values, the quality of life and the humanistic training of citizens. In addition, the Sports Research Institute of the UAB will be represented on the Mareo Lab’s advisory board. More information about the collaboration agreement. 


11h Welcome
By Dr. Emilio Fernández Peña. CEO-UAB Director

11:10. Presentation of Mareo LAB Education & Research Lab
By Mr. German Robles. President of Fundación EF Mareo Sporting de Gijón

11:25 Presentation of IRE-UAB research lines and projects

  • Economics. Dr. Pere Ortin
  • Comunication. Dr. Santiago Tejedor; Dr. Emilio Fernández Peña; Dra. Anna Tous
  • Big data. Dr. Remo Suppi; Dr. Jose Gila
  • Automatic translation. Tianqi Zhang
  • Sport psycology. Estil de Vida, Esport i Salut. A càrrec del Dr. Lluis Capdevila ; Grup d’Estudis de Psicologia de l’Activitat Física i de l’Esport (GEPE). Por concretar
  • Education and valuesDra. Maria Prat

13:45 Closing
By Dr. Emilio Fernández Peña and Mr. German Robles